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…From large scale projects to small start-ups needs, we are committed to offering the best possible solution to a customer, there’s no hard and fast rule, or go-to service or provider.

We design each solution based on the customers requirements and circumstances.

Here is a sample of what we can offer…

…Cloud Services

Juno Digital are a Microsoft Partner and we offer supported Microsoft licenses on flexible terms to our clients.

All of our clients are now taking advantage of Microsoft 365 subscriptions to move critical collaborative services into the Cloud and successfully operate teams and businesses across remote locations…

Cloud Migrations and New Deployments

// Microsoft Office 365 supply and configuration.

// Microsoft SharePoint design and management.

// Microsoft Azure infrastructures and cloud services.

// Hybrid Microsoft Cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

// Cloud hosting, data storage and remote server virtualisation.

// Opensource services and specialised web solutions.


// Modern Cloud / hosted phone system supply and configuration

// Onsite phone system SIP migrations and solutions

// Call-centre technologies: predictive dialling, systems integration, data management and MI reporting


Juno Digital’s software team have achieved great results for our clients though the delivery of bespoke development, from highly accessible web apps to feature rich windows software.

We can work with you on your own ideas and requirements, or let us assess the challenges that your business may be facing so we can offer a solution to fulfil your needs.

// Bespoke software design and development – Windows and web/cloud applications

// Software and systems integration

// Web Site Development

// Database design, maintenance and Management Information reporting

Juno Digital have recently been making big impressions within the engineering industry, developing software to overcome data and process inefficiencies, including integration with major design and engineering products.


Good design is more than just selecting colours, fonts and creating the best composition, its also about using the right technology. Our design lead at Juno has the experience and technical understanding in using the right tools to combine both the design and media technology most suitable for your project…

Our UX design team are able to deliver full brand services including web design, print, apps, photography, cutting edge animations and video editing – everything needed to bring your digital projects alive…

// Brand Design

// Web Site Design

// App Design

// UX / UI Design

// Video Animations & Editing

// Marketing Presentations

// Print & Exhibition Design

// Copy writing

…Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing business products in the world, providing internal communication and meetings, document management and app integrations.

With Microsoft’s announcement of phone capabilities for the platform, there has been a growing buzz about a key technology to allow businesses to adopt this: Direct Routing.

What is Direct Routing?

“Direct Routing” refers to the process of routing Microsoft Teams to the PSTN (traditional phone network). Although Teams is mainly used as an internal communications tool, Microsoft has developed a way for the platform to be used as a fully-fledged business phone system (PBX). Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams to a range of telephony providers (Juno). This means being able to take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility and better support.

What are the benefits?

Choosing Direct Routing has many benefits including:

// Call Queues

Cloud call queues include greetings that are used when someone calls in to a phone number for your organization, the ability to automatically put the calls on hold, and the ability to search for the next available call agent to handle the call while the people who call are listening to music on hold. You can create single or multiple call queues for your organization.

// Auto attendants

Cloud auto attendants can be used to create a menu system for your organization that lets external and internal callers move through a menu system to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments in your organization.

// Call Recording

Compliance Call Recording is Microsoft’s answer to call recording for Teams, and allows customers to take control over their call recording requirements at an organisational level. Juno uses Microsoft’s Compliance API’s to offer a fully automated and feature rich recording experience for Microsoft Teams.

// Port your numbers

Switching to Teams as a PBX does not mean losing your old numbers. Keep your existing ones alongside any new DDIs you need.

// True Unified Communications

Using Teams as a PBX is a huge step forward for businesses who like the idea of having all of the companies communication on a single platform.

Who is Direct Routing For?

For organisations who would like to use Teams as a PBX, but looking for more flexibility than Microsoft’s pre-set calling plans. Any business that matches one of the following criteria is a strong candidate for considering direct routing:

// Companies with remote workers

Businesses that are in the market for a reliable phone system that is simple to use, not platform dependant and will work for any user that has access to an internet connection.

// Is a user of Teams

This one is obvious, but any business that is deeply embedded in using Microsoft Teams for internal communications can more easily use the platform for their external communication too. This also means less of a need for a separate PBX (and all the costs entailed) together with better integration between systems.

// Limited in-house expertise

Any business with a smaller IT team (or none) may want external support when considering using Teams as a PBX. Experienced providers like Juno Digital can give step by step account management and essentially install Direct Routing and any associated other equipment for you

// Wants more flexibility than Microsoft calling plans

Microsoft’s own calling plan does not offer much flexibility with absolutely no room for negotiation. Using Direct Routing, particularly for any business that makes a reasonable amount of outbound calls (and even more so if they are international) becomes the obvious choice.

…Consultancy & Support

Whatever the project or challenge, Juno Digital can help your business avoid costly pitfalls. We will work with you to identify and deliver successful solutions.

We have a good track record of propelling new start up ventures; providing the IT management, support, experience, and innovation to achieve their goals.

Our company founders, having enjoyed challenging and successful careers heading IT business functions, are now able to use that wealth of experience to assist you personally…

Consultancy, Management & Supply

// New IT infrastructure assessment, proposals and planning.

// Project management.

// Client hardware and software procurement from our growing network of supply parnters.

// Negotiation and supply of services (Internet connections, leased printers etc.)

Supporting existing client in-house IT resources

…Juno Digital have flexible IT maintenance arrangements to suit your business. These tie in with the delivery of our Cloud, Software or Infrastructure services so we can offer our clients a great IT experience and help you achieve your business goals…

// Direction and consultancy: aligning IT with business strategy.

// Project management.

// Emergency IT support (remote, consultation, call-out).

// Specialised / escalated technical assistance.

// Holiday / leave cover.

// Extra resource for time critical projects (infrastructure, cloud or software development).

// Security reviews and independent investigations.

// IT expenditure reviews: Service and licensing audits, cost-savings and improvement identification.

On Site

From hands on delivery of secure pre-configured IT equipment such as employee laptops, to supply and fit of full office network solutions comprising of on site servers and office cabling, we have had the experience and knowledge to help plan and deliver large and small scale solutions…

Discover how we worked with Sprint Power – Case Study

Infrastructure design and build

// Site assessments and planning, including risk assessments, method statements.

// Ethernet cabling, terminations, repair and testing.

// Networking solutions: switches and other devices, uninterruptable power supply and data cabinet installations.

// Internet service provisioning (fixed line, fibre Ethernet, 4G/5G and wireless solutions). 

// Virtual Private Networking and remote access. 

// Physical Servers: build and deployment. 

// Server Virtualisation (VMware & Hyper V).

// Wi-Fi solutions and installations. 

// Building to building wireless connectivity.

// Managed print solutions.

Security and continuity

…With high profile breaches prominent in the news and threat of increasingly complexity of threats to businesses, Juno Digital are constantly evolving services to our client to combat
this and mitigate the dangers. You can be assured we that we never settle and take a proactive role in protecting your business interests…

// Firewalls and perimeter services, design and configuration.

// Virus, malware and ransomware preventative solutions.

// Device remote management, data encryption and data-loss mitigation.

// Business continuity planning and disaster recover solutions.

// Data back-up and archiving.

// Digital information discovery and investigation.

…Contact Us

Feel free to call, 0330 232 0000 or Email enquiries@juno.io and we can discuss your next project, or alternatively use our contact form below…


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